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For most pregnant women, even if you already have a child, the labor and birth process can be both overwhelming and joyful. Many women and their partners choose to attend childbirth classes to gather information and lessen their anxiety.

What are the benefits of childbirth education classes?

  • Childbirth classes can help build your confidence in dealing with labour pain and in your body’s ability to give birth.
  • You can discuss your fears about labor and birth with your childbirth educator.
  • Your birthing partner will also learn invaluable information about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and caring for a newborn. In turn your partner will be able to support you throughout the whole journey. You may find that attending childbirth classes together will open up a lot of new and exciting discussions.
  • Your educator will discuss pain relief options and help alleviate the fear of labour and birthing pain

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Josie Hassan

Josie Hassan

Childbirth Educator

My name is Josie Hassan and I am a registered nurse, midwife, certified lactation consultant and certified childbirth educator. I am also a mother to four beautiful and busy boys aged from eight to one so I understand the journey from pregnancy to birth and beyond. I know how hard it can be to be overloaded with information and struggle to make an informed decision that works for you.

I am passionate about helping couples alleviate their anxiety about the unknown. Helping them build up their confidence in the whole birthing experience. Giving couples the tools to work though their pregnancy, birth, post natal and breastfeeding journey as a partnership providing them with the foundations to make it a safe and comfortable experience as an individual as opposed to a one-for-all approach.

I struggle seeing women having to make decisions whilst they were in the most precious moments of their lives. I have been teaching prenatal and breastfeeding classes for over ten years through private and public hospitals. Now it’s time for me to share my knowledge and experiences by branching out and offering more in-depth classes and sessions. I have appreciated my time teaching in hospitals and the beautiful families I have met along the way; however I feel it is time to start a new and exciting adventure.

Birthing is a beautiful and natural process and doesn’t need to be complicated. I do believe that medicalising births can better some outcomes, but it’s still important to understand the whys and how’s. My classes will offer you the information from different angles so you are able to understand these things a little clearer.


What Clients Say

I was able to have a natural birth with my first child. Josie was there to share her knowledge for my pregnancy and birth. I had great help and support from Josie. Josie also helped me with lactation education, she showed me whats the best and easiest way to feed my son. My birth was natural with an episiotomy. Josie taught me what to do to heal my stitches. The knowledge that Josie taught me was by far the best. I was so anxious to learn about labour, but I am so glad that I did. I am sure I’ll be seeking Josie’s help with my next baby and I’ll be recommending her to all the new mums.

A H.

A H.

Mum of one boy

Josie is amazing! I first met Josie when I was in labour and we just clicked- she was exactly what I needed at such a wonderful but stressful time. She has such a calm but ‘real’ approach to the breastfeeding and postpartum life. I would highly recommend her tremendous support and extensive knowledge.

Sarah Richards

Sarah Richards

Mom of 2 girls
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Baby & Me Education. We offer all your pre pregnancy, post pregnancy & breastfeeding education.

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