Frequently Asked Questions

Baby and Me Education is an independent childbirth education class. We offer unbiased advice and information about birthing, antenatal, postnatal and breastfeeding with a holistic approach. Our classes are smaller than hospital classes, so couples feel more comfortable, open to ask questions and feel more a part of the whole experience.

Our classes are not linked to any hospital or model of care, so whether you are birthing within a public or private hospital, birthing center, home birth or GP shared care, we offer education, tips and advice that will help you have a positive experience within your whole birthing journey.

Many hospitals now offer hospital run antenatal classes. Due to pressures from hospitals and obstetricians, some parents feel as if these classes focus more on giving information that supports the hospital’s policies and practices, rather than empowering the family. Baby and Me classes shift the emphasis back to you. It’s your body, your family, your experience, and importantly, your baby. By being clear on what you wish for and feeling empowered to ask for what you need, in any circumstance, you can create the birth experience you want. There are many childbirth education services that focus on completely natural home births and water births that are beautiful however you can have a beautiful birth anywhere, any time and in any setting. Just because you have chosen to birth in a hospital should not mean you have to have to become a statistic. Baby and Me will give you the confidence to make the right choices in whatever you choose.

Google can be a great source of information, but that information come unfiltered. It can be very easy to read and seek the wrong knowledge online. YouTube videos can also give you the wrong information as a lot of it is American based and here in Australia we practice very differently. Procedures, policies and drug names and uses can be vastly different. At Baby and Me Education we are not focused on telling you all about producers and policies, we are here to give you the tools to make better informed decision as you come across them. By teaching you educated choices, you are empowered to make your own decision and feel more in control of the situation.
We encourage all women who book into our classes to bring their partner or support person. Having your birthing partner with you is very important as its encouraged that you both have discussions outside of the class to make sure your both on the same page. This will be discussed in more detail within the class.
Each class has a description of what the class will cover and a rough guide of what gestation is recommended however please feel free to contact us if you are unsure of which class might be suitable for you.
Our classes are not just designed for first time mums and dads. We tend to forget a lot of information from one pregnancy to another and each pregnancy is of course different. This is a great opportunity for you to build up your knowledge again and meet some new people and create friendships that could last a lifetime. If your previous birthing experience was negative then independent birthing classes are a great way to discuss your options and putting strategies in place to avoid a similar experience.
Yes. Some health care providers offer a rebate. Please check with your provider as this information is constantly changing.